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Should Nannies Perform Housekeeping Duties?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Nannies play an integral part in many children's lives as they spend each day guiding and instructing children in their care. Some nannies become so close to the children in their care that they are viewed by them and their parents as extended family members. But should nannies also take care of housekeeping duties while they are on duty?

Refer to the Contract of Employment Before accepting a nanny position, you must agree to the terms as set forth in your contract of employment. This includes the hours and days you are expected to work and the scope of your responsibilities. Some parents expect more from their nannies than others and are upfront with them at the job interview, which is the time to either accept or decline extra duties and responsibilities that are not directly related to their job as a nanny. The point is to make sure that you do not sign on the dotted line until you have agreed to the terms of your contract. Look at each requirement and ask yourself whether you are willing to go the extra mile, or if you want to focus solely on caring for the immediate needs of the children. Cleaning Up After the Children It is reasonable for parents to expect nannies to clean up after the children, whether that involves dealing with potty training accidents, carpet stains caused by blackcurrant juice to putting toys and clothes away at the end of the day. Nannies who are diligent in taking care of the layout of the children's room and play area are also teaching them a valuable lesson in tidiness. Nannies Are Not Housekeepers There is nothing wrong in expecting nannies to keep children clean and tidy, their primary job is not to clean the master bedroom, sort the parents' laundry, scrub toilets and dust the furniture. If you would like your nanny to take care of some housekeeping duties in addition to their job of caring for your children, you should either be prepared to pay them extra on top of their current salary or be willing to hire a separate housekeeper.

Do not be surprised if your nanny hands in their notice if you place additional demands on their time and resources by expecting them to clean your house, as that is not what nannies are hired to do. Nannies perform an invaluable service for working parents who need someone to care for their children while they are at work, but many parents overstep the mark and expect their nannies to take on additional duties such as housekeeping work. If you want your nanny to clean your home, you should be prepared to pay extra, as nannies are not housekeepers. Their job is to care for children, not care for the needs of the entire family.

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