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10 Essential Qualities to Look for in an Exceptional Nanny.

Entrusting your children to the care of a nanny is huge step to take. You need to make sure you're hiring the right kind of person, and here's what to look for during the selection process.

1) An Affinity with Children

The first and most obvious point is that a nanny needs to have a natural affinity with children. They need to genuinely love their company, not treat them as simply a part of their job to be tolerated. A nanny needs to combine authority with friendship, and neither factor can stand alone. Your children should positively enjoy their company while also respecting them.

2) Full of Energy

Anyone with young children knows they can be tiring to look after, and a nanny needs to have the energy to keep up. Although age itself shouldn't be a factor, a certain level of physical condition is definitely important.

3) Self-Motivated and Proactive

A good nanny should know where and how to direct their energy. They'll be in charge on their own for long hours, so they need to be self-starting and not require hand-holding themselves. When you interview a prospective nanny, they should be fizzing with ideas about what they'll bring to your child's life.

4) Patience

Even the most loving parent can find themselves at their wits' end at times. But for a nanny, it's absolutely essential to retain composure under pressure. They should have deep reserves of patience and an outstanding ability to control emotions.

5) Safety Awareness

The safety of your children should be the ultimate priority, and risks should never be taken. But if accidents do happen, a nanny needs to have the the training and experience to react properly in an emergency. A calm head and knowledge of first aid are both essential.

6) Child Development Knowledge

A nanny isn't just there to clean up after your children and entertain them. They also play a vital role in raising your child, and they should have had schooling in child development. They need to know what a child needs at each age, and just as importantly, which kinds of behavior are appropriate at which stage of development.

7) Matching Moral Compass

It's important for you to be sure the nanny has a moral compass that matches your own. Whatever your own view of life, you need to know that your children won't be under the influence of someone you profoundly disagree with.

8) Organized and Reliable

You're hiring a nanny to give your child the best care while you're temporarily not around. If you can't rely on a nanny because they're disorganized, then they'll cause more problems than they solve.

9) Supportive and Nurturing

A nanny should be your child's ally as well as protector and carer. They should be interested in supporting and nurturing your children to get the most out of their potential. And nannies shouldn't hesitate to stand up for your child in difficult situations such as if they're being bullied by friends.

10) In for the Long Haul

Your child will build up a relationship with their nanny, and it's vital that this isn't severed abruptly when the contract runs out. A good nanny will understand that contact should be kept up after their employment ends, even if it tails off slowly over time.

It may seem a nanny needs to be saintlike to possess all these qualities. But it's your child and your decision, so you should stick to the highest of standards. And when you do find the right nanny, treat them like the precious stars they are to make sure you keep hold of them.

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