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Hiring A Nanny During Covid

Covid 19 pandemic has changed all aspect of our lives, and hiring a nanny is one of them. As Covid continues to linger longer than projected and new variants emerge, families need to be one step ahead to keep their loved ones safe. On top of the health consideration labor shortage has raised wages for nannies. Here are some key points to touch on when hiring a nanny during Covid.

1. Do I interview a nanny in person or video conferencing

During the pandemic we recommend interviewing at first through video conferencing like facetime or WhatsApp’s which are user friendly. Eventually, you will want to meet your top nanny candidate face-to-face in a day trail, interacting with your children. This way you’re reducing your kids exposure.

2. Nanny vaccination status

It’s essential that your vaccine views align with the nanny you hire. You can make vaccination a condition of employment. Our data shows that since the start of the pandemic most of the families we work with at Pacific Domestic Agency said they will not hire a nanny who was not vaccinated with at least the first shot of either ‎Pfizer, ‎Johnson & Johnson's or ‎Moderna.

3. Have in place Covid guidelines

Before interviewing or hiring have a guideline in place to reduce the potential spread of Covid. The nanny would need to be on the same page to proceed to the next stage of the hiring process. Your safety guidelines could include:

  • Disinfecting and cleaning measures

  • Social distancing

  • Daily temperature check

  • Transportation requirements

  • Hand hygiene

  • Mask wearing

  • PCR testing

  • Booster shot requirement

The bottom line is that you’ll need to be straight forward when it comes to communicating with your new hire during this ever-changing time. Covid safety guidelines will need to be put into writing and reviewed with your nanny before their first day on the job. Following up on guidance from the CDC as well as from the Los Angeles County health agencies. Your guidelines would need to be update accordingly to those agencies.

Pacific Domestic Agency has been placing nannies since the start of Covid 19 pandemic throughout Los Angeles and can guide you through the process. Let us help you with a one-on-one consultation which will also provide you current salary expectations nannies are demanding in this fast paced labor shortage landscape.

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