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Hiring a Housekeeper

PDA understands managing a home can be difficult with a  dynamic family unit. We work diligently to bring together families and qualified housekeepers who may become the backbone to a well run home. Most of our housekeeping placements remain employed with our clients for years. With PDA's process of behavioral screening interview, criminal background check, reliable references and a minimum of  2 years experience gives us confidence in the quality of the housekeepers we referrer to our clients.


In the Los Angeles County area a Housekeeper earns between $20 to $35 per hour or a salary of $800 to $1400+ per week (depending on the applicant's résumé). A housekeeper's position is primarily responsible for the cleaning tasks of the home. A housekeeper usually follows a daily schedule and has a good knowledge of cleaning methods and  correct use of cleaning supplies. Our housekeepers also possess the skills to prioritize tasks. Some clients may require driving, helping with the children, and light cooking as a must for hire. Such duties should be communicated from the employer to the housekeeper verbally and in writing prior to employment.


As the employer you may decide to go with a Live-In or Out, Full-Time or Part-Time.




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