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Hiring a Nanny in Calabasas


In the last few decades, the makeup of the American family has changed dramatically, and the very definition of family  has changed. PDA  understands that each family unit is unique: from a single parent or working parents, to work-at-home parents. All parents have difficulty juggling their schedules. Due to the ever changing needs of our children, a great deal of families are looking for nanny help to ease the hectic daily grind.


Our counselors understand that searching for a reliable live-in or live-out  nanny can be stressful. With that said, We understand that hiring a nanny not only needs to fit the desires of the  parents but also have a connection with the kids. The single-most important characteristic our counselor look for during the interview process with, nanny candidates, is how he or she respond to a child in different moods and if they are able to stimulate them and their interests.


In the Calabasas  area a Nanny earns between $20 to $30 per hour or a salary of $600 to $1,000+ per week (depending on the applicant's résumé). The primary role of a nanny is to provide a safe, loving  environment while satisfying the child's desire for attention. Nannies are also responsible for maintaining the children's quarters neat, doing the children's scheduled laundry and preparing daily meals. Nannies may also be given the responsibility of transporting children to and from school, or to extracurricular activities. Since some families may ask the nanny to take on additional household tasks, all duties of the weekly tasks should be communicated verbally and in writing to the nanny prior to employment.


As the employer, you may decide to go with a Live-In or Out, Full-Time or Part-Time. 

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